Incontinence Is Being Underreported

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Even though millions of people are affected by incontinence, a small percentage of them bother to report it. That isn’t because the issue is not serious to them or because it is not affecting their life in any significant way. Incontinence can make a huge impact on a person’s life and change the way they behave, what kind of activities they engage in and how they feel about themselves.

The reason this is so under reported, though, is because people are embarrassed to admit to anyone that they are suffering from incontinence. They may be in denial about what medical problem they have, or they may just be reluctant to tell anyone that they are struggling with this issue.

Older people are likely to suffer from this issue than younger people are. At the same time,they are far less likely to receive evidence-based care for this issue and they are also less likely to seek medical treatment for it. They may not even tell their pharmacist, much less their doctor, and then they will suffer alone and without the help that they require to properly manage the problem, treat the symptoms and even cure it.

So, many of those who experience incontinence on a daily basis are doing so by themselves and without the aid of a medical professional. That means that the problem could be getting worse, that they may not be managing it in the best or most effective way possible and that they might be suffering more than they need to be.

It is very important that an issue this serious be reported to someone who can do something about it. Doctors tend not to be judgmental about this kind of condition,and they are unlikely to talk down to the patient and make them feel embarrassed. They see similar cases all the time, and because this issue is so prevalent, they know how to deal with it discreetly and effectively. They know how to treat the issue and resolve it, in many cases. It is in the best interest of those who suffer from incontinence to report it to someone who knows how to treat it so that they can get the best care possible and experience far less severe symptoms.

Incontinence can be very inconvenient and unpleasant, but it doesn’t have to drastically change a person’s life. With the right treatment, the symptoms can be minimized and even cured entirely. The sooner a person seeks medical help for this issue, the sooner their condition will improve.

Women tend to experience incontinence more frequently once they enter menopause. With men, the chances of them experiencing his problem go up as their age increases. So, older people are mere likely to suffer from it, which means they are the ones that need to be reporting it more than anyone else. It is vital that anyone who thinks they may be suffering from incontinence seek out medical advice about it rather than hide it away and just try to deal with it themselves or hope it will go away on its own.